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Don't bother

2009-12-17 23:08:08 by my-garbage

I am hardly ever on NG. So just ignore my page. It never gets updated with any stuff.

See yah

My voting method

2007-09-05 21:43:12 by my-garbage

Hey peepers. You do know that I don't care about my song score dropping. I help make music for others now so really this account is just used to review and not post music. If you actually think that if you lower my song score more and more because my reviews are probably the least biased on NG, (I no fan boy like a lot of you) well think again. I review to help you guys and sometimes constructive critism is the best way to go. I know the artists who get better are the ones who can handle constructive critism. If you can't handle it well you most likely won't get any better.

Oh and just to put it out there. Since my song score is so low now, I can easily vote for myself and boost it up high destroying all your precious 0 voting. Fortunately I don't care what my song score is and I don't even think that is a good song. So keep it up with your futile 0 voting. My song well never disappear even if it has a score of 0. For those who actually want a good review instead of the ol idea "if I vote nicely for this guy and ask him to vote for my song that he will also 5 my song" than tell me. Oh and just for you guys to know. I never voted on a song. I only review. So if you see your score drop it ain't me doing it nor am I raising the score. See yah.

Ahh!!! Does no one modify their kick sounds!!!!????? I'm sick and tired listening to that same FL preset drum kick. Come on more creative with your music program. You spent the money so learn it!